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Printing just sounds simple, but the effort that goes into it forms the true story of what we do at Liran.

How can you be sure we will tell your story the way you want it told?

  • We have ISO 9001:2008 Certification, which serves as our operational standard to ensure that performance standards are kept with the highest industry standards.

  • We make continual investments in new equipment, scanning devices and equipment calibrations.



Specialty Packaging

We are good at this packaging thing, but as much as our professionals know, they learn something new and inventive every day. They are excited about the endless possibilities for telling your story through specialty packaging.

  • Our services include every step from the die lines to the final package.

  • Our estimators/planners and structural engineers make sure packaging is designed to be produced as efficiently as possible.

  • Our trained staff understands the need to design for fulfillment of your product as much as the manufacturing of it.

We go the extra mile to make sure the product we design for you will perform to your expectations and meet your needs for specialty packaging.

Folding Cartons & Counter Displays

We help you to create attractive eye-catching product packaging that will lead to increased sales through shelf, counter displays, floor displays and point-of-purchase locations.

Media Packaging

We construct packaging for CDs and DVDs including specialty box sets, single or multi CD/DVD sleeves, jewel case inserts and clamshell inserts to protect and merchandise your digital information.

Structural Design

By taking the time to design and manufacture different structures for goods and products, we help transform the way products are presented to the buyer. We can work with your structural die lines or help you create one for your creative staff to skin/design around.




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